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One set of dumbbells is used in almost all of our programs. But we do recommend two sets! You can find these at any large retail store like Walmart or Target. You can even find them online at Amazon with free shipping. Generally you should use one light set (for smaller muscle groups) & one heavy set (for larger muscles groups).You will see our recommendations below.

Intermediate: 5 and 8 pound weights, Advanced: 8 and 12 pound weights, or 10 and 15 pound weights.  You know you have the right amount of weight if you are getting towards fatigue at the end of a set!

While a mat is not required, it will be helpful if your workout area is on a hard surface.

Workout Space
We recommend you have room to jump from side-to-side and front-to-back. It can be motivating to block an area of your house that is dedicated to exercise!

Pretty Fierce
If you are using our Pretty Fierce programs you will need some additional items; two paper plates and a chair. If you are using the Extreme Lean program you will also need painters tape (any type of tape will do, we use them to create 4 lines) and the optional medicine ball.

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