What is Pick Three?

Well it all started when I was creating a calendar for a few friends from school;) They wanted three solid workouts per week, where they could just do three workouts or add them to the walking, cycling, or the class-taking schedule they already do.

Then my mom asked me for the same thing. So I created some low impact weeks just for my mom (don't get me wrong...the workouts are intense, but easy on the knees and hips).

Then I realized I know our library of workouts best.  And while I love our Mashup Workouts and the variety it offers, I also know how to pair them best for maximum results every week.

SOOOOO You Pick Three was born!  You pick your mood for the week, then pop in for all three workouts. Maximize your fitness level by sprinkling in walking, running, cycling or yoga two other days each week.  I recommend 20-30 minutes of pure cardio or yoga/flexibility.


Here are some running/walking ideas for you:

Distance Run = Run 5 minutes from your house, then run back. When that becomes“easy”,try 8-10 minutes each way.

IntervalRun = 3 minute walk, 2 minute jog, repeat4-6x.

Adding running to your schedule?  You can use our running supplements calendar or stick with  Pick 3 (sure to give you the best cross training and stretching your running muscles need).

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