Kids & Food: Create Competent Eaters
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Kids & Food: Intuitive Eating
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Pay Attention: Omega 6's play a bigger role than you think
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Do Diets Work?
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Plant Based Diet: is it for me?
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Plant Based Eating: the beginner's guide
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Healthy Hydration:help fight inflammation
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Intermittent Fasting: is it for me?
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Inflammation: what should I eat?
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The 15 Omega-3 Foods Your Body Needs Now
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Is Family Dinner time really that important?
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Stop pushing protein
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"Diet" Rant
Restriction, restriction, restriction ... boo. No fun!Read More
Fast Food and GMOs
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3 Day All Natural Cleanse
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Okay so we've basically all been eating since Thanksgiving.  Let's toss... Read More »Read More
Finding your Sweet Spot 
If anything is too hard, we won't do it. For years I struggled with yo-yo... Read More »Read More
Omega 6s ... too much of a good thing
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. When you hear the term “good fats” used, people are typically... Read More »Read More
Dieting is like Dating
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How to Choose the healthiest bread
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Beat the Belly Bloat
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Is Intermittent Fasting beneficial for me?
Fast for 20 hours.  Eat every third day. What mom has time for that?  And who... Read More »Read More
Grass-fed, Non-GMO, All Natural, what does it all mean???
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Why Counting Calories Doesn't Work ...
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Managing Pregnancy Heartburn, Fatigue, Swelling & Cravings
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Heartburn during Pregnancy Heartburn is the common term for stomach acids... Read More »Read More
the Runner's Diet
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Running can be a really convenient exercise, lace up the shoes... Read More »Read More
Is it better to get my Omega 3s from chia, flax and supplements?
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Omega 3 is an important good fat that help the body... Read More »Read More
Raising a Healthy Eater
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Raising a healthy eater is tough. All moms want to raise... Read More »Read More
Healthy Lunch Ideas
When my kids were little, I snickered and snackered as I bussed food back and... Read More »Read More
Pizza can deliver a punch of nutrients
Pizza sometimes gets a bad rep, but if you do it right it can be... Read More »Read More
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Guides
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. First, use our Pregnancy Guide or Breastfeeding Guide written by our... Read More »Read More
Should I use the 7-Day Meal Guide?
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Diets Decoded: Paleo, Ketogenic and Whole30
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. When it comes to diets like Whole30, Paleo and Ketogenic, I... Read More »Read More
Should we be eating carbohydrates?
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. I love carbohydrates:) Nutrition is hard. For me, the fitness part... Read More »Read More
Snacking After Dinner...
Try these 4 tips to curb after-dinner snacking and banish those cravings.Read More
Coconut Oil, Ghee and Good Fats
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. When I tell people I’m a Dietitian they either hide their... Read More »Read More
Should I completely eliminate GMO's?
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Maybe you didn’t think it was an issue until you heard... Read More »Read More
Skip the Juice ... try this natural food cleanse
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. When it's needed, use this 3 Day Cleanse. It's not about eliminating... Read More »Read More
Do I need a protein supplement?
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Do I Need a Protein Supplement? Protein powder. They are fast,... Read More »Read More
New Mom & Breastfeeding Nutrition
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. Within the first several weeks postpartum, you need not think about anything... Read More »Read More
Is Bone Broth good for me?
Bone broth is something that can be made at home or store-bought. Both provide health... Read More »Read More
Prenatal Nutrition
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. During pregnancy weight gain is a good thing, a great thing,... Read More »Read More
The Best Times to Workout + your Pre-Workout Needs
by Stephanie Margolis, R.D. What is the best time of day to workout?  When do... Read More »Read More
Pasta Sauce
It should be simple, right?!?! But there are a bajillion options. Stephanie, R.D., keeps it... Read More »Read More
Break the Diet Cycle!
I love eating out.  I love dining at the pool during the summer (and not... Read More »Read More
Better than Eggos ... it's time to up my Breakfast Game
Healthy Homemade Pancakes & Waffles It was time to create something Better than Eggos in... Read More »Read More
Is there a Healthy Cookie?
As I was grocery shopping I passed by the "healthy cookies".  I have passed by... Read More »Read More
Cheat Days; a Registered Dietitian's Point-of-View
Cheat days...should we have cheat days? Or does it trigger yo-yo dieting?Read More
Do I need to wash my Organic Produce?
Organic produce is made without pesticides. So does that mean I don't need to wash... Read More »Read More
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