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Don't know which program to do next? Let me be your guide! Simply fill out the multiple choice questions below so I can get to know you a bit better. Once you click submit, I’ll review your answers and be in touch with your recommended workouts via email. And to help you navigate your member site ... use the hamburger (those 3 horizontal lines) in the top right corner - it will take you to all of our workouts and recipes.

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1. Your current fitness level:


2. How old is your youngest child?


3. Do you have diastasis recti?  Don't worry...if you have no idea what I am talking about!  I'd like you to check out this quick 40 second self-test video. The self-test begins at 4:55.


4. Assuming your doctor has given you permission to exercise, do you have any restrictions? For example, you would answer yes if you need low impact workouts for an achy back or old knee injury that flares up.


5. When performing a modified plank or plank for 30 seconds, you feel it:


6. Which Moms Into Fitness Program have you completed? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.


7. What is your favorite type of exercise?  I believe the best kind of exercise is the kind of exercise that you can commit to doing;) So let's make it fun! (click all that apply)


8. What is your ideal schedule? Please note, while I put the 3 main components - cardio, toning & flexibility in every workout - some are longer in length to increase the challenge and/or add functional exercises (training the body for activities performed in daily life).


9. Jogging/Running is your jam! In order to be an effective tool, jogging/running needs to be combined with cross-training. Do you want a workout that incorporates this 2-3x/week!


10. Did you complete one of our Postnatal Programs within the last two months?





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