Which program should I do next?

Hiya! My husband surprised me with an Anniversary Trip!  I will be gone Nov 2nd-Nov 10th.

I love to read each and every survey filled out, so we can set you up for success! For that reason I have turned off the survey during my absence.  Please come back in a week and I will be more than happy to help!  You can also email Jess [jess@momsintofitness.com], she can help guide you as well!  Click to send an email to Jess

Have you tried our new SWEAT series?  We also have our Weekly Playlist with a variety of fun, quick workouts! And I know you will love both of them.

Here are a few Quicklinks -

Commit25 - We combine moves that take away aches and pains with high-intensity exercise, which results in corrective movements that burns TONS of calories. 25-minute effective workouts.

Summer Shape Up - sure summer is over, but this program mixes the benefits of short, intense workouts with longer, endurance building workouts.  If you were to ask inside our Facebook community, this program and Commit25 are the top two faves!

Pregnant - we have both the active pregnancy and pregnancy programs.

Postnatal - listen up mommas! Your body has different fitness needs if your baby is <12 months old or you are breastfeeding.

Diastasis Recti - Do you have an ab separation? Our 3-phase program is specifically modified for this condition. Please note, our Postnatal program is also modified for Diastasis Recti, so please follow the postnatal program mentioned above if your baby is <12 months old or you are breastfeeding.

Runners - Our running supplements are the perfect component of any running routine!

This is so much more than just looking good. We want to be there to help you build confidence and be the best momma you can be! You’re not along, so come Sweat with us!

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