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Is Bone Broth good for me?

Bone broth is something that can be made at home or store-bought. Both provide health benefits and I think it adds more flavor to your soups, quinoa, brown rice and chicken. Bone broth is made is by taking a large pot and tossing in an actual bone, vegetables, spices… many make it with kitchen scraps. It is made in a natural way that allows collagen and nutrients to gather in the liquid.

The main benefits are for your bones, joints, hair, skin, and nails. Some of the benefit also comes from the nutrients from the bones the broth is made with, most notable magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.  Many store-bought broths are made with some additional veggies giving it more nutrients than your traditional chicken, vegetable, or beef broth. Some find it helps with their gut health and bowel movements because it is very easy to digest and can have “calming” effects on the gut.

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