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Finding your Sweet Spot 

If anything is too hard, we won’t do it. For years I struggled with yo-yo dieting. It was a yo-yo for me because I went extreme – it was too hard – I wasn’t enjoying myself – and I’d go the opposite way!

Which is precisely why I had our Registered Dietitian create this Nutrition Template for us. DOWNLOAD IT before you do anything else;)

I will never forget the day I flew into Charleston for production. I was exhausted, hangry and not excited about filming videos for 5 days.

I had spent four weeks without carbohydrates….which will make anybody hangry! I had just gone through our 2nd IVF attempt, which was followed by a miscarriage. With each IVF, I generally gained 20 lbs. I’d like to blame it on the medication, but I know it was those Golden Oreos. And that “one” study I read about eating ice cream and how it could help the quality of my eggs;)

So to whip myself back into shape, not only did I have to go hard into a workout regimen, I also had to whip my nutrition into shape.

And here’s what I learned: We are not made to diet!

We go all in…find it unsustainable…and end up worse than where we started.

My family is much better off when I am not “dieting”. My kids see a healthy mom. And my husband and kids don’t have to deal with Lindzilla…

“I cannot eat out because I am dieting and will be too overwhelmed by the spaghetti dish you all will be eating.”

“Yes we are having chicken and broccoli for dinner again.”

“Can you do the dishes (again) because I am starved and want to eat the leftovers off the kids plates?”

Nutrition, not dieting, is key to slimming down. It’s tweaking this and filling up on that instead of denying yourself. It’s about doing something you know you can do, instead of stripping away all your eating patterns at once.

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