Diastasis Recti Calendar

As previously discussed, this program is best when paired with physical therapy sessions.  No one person and their diastasis is the same.

This program is broken into three phases.  You choose how quickly your core is ready to move through these phases.  Three weeks in each phase is suggested, but I cannot emphasize how important it is that you move at your own pace!

Download your diastasis recti program calendar here.

Equipment Needs

You will need two sets of weights for this program.  For your lighter set, I don't recommend going higher than 5 lbs. If you're new to exercise, I recommend starting with 3-4 lbs.  For your heavier set, use what you have been using or a set of 6-8 lb. dumbbells. You'll also need a resistance loop (or leggings tied in a knot:)  And a hand towel - this will be used for proper squat positioning and core positioning.

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