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Download your Calendar
The base calendars are 4 weeks.  The running calendars are 6 weeks.  And the half marathon calendar is 12 weeks.  Enjoy:)

5 Days/Week Base Calendar (4 weeks)

6 Days/Week Base Calendar (4 weeks)

Ignite Running Calendar (6 weeks) - We combine running and toning.

Ignite Half Marathon Calendar (12 weeks) - I highly recommend during weeks 4 & 8 you find 3 consecutive days of rest (preferably at the beginning of the week, after your distance run on Saturday)

Read Runners Nutrition

We have a few tidbits you need to know before you set out on your run!  Read the runner's diet.

Read Injury Prevention

IT band syndrome, shin splints, pelvic floor damage, etc. read how to prevent running injuries.

Your Pelvic Floor, Core & Running
Running can wreak havoc on your pelvic floor, especially if you have not been turning on your pelvic floor and transverse abdominis. If you are doing MIF you are already turning on these muscles!

The pelvic floor's primary job is to keep that baby in during pregnancy, and then afterwards to keep your insides… well… in. Think of it as a hammock that holds your bladder and reproductive organs in and attaches to the front and back of your pelvis. These muscles work all day long. 24/7. They work in conjunction with the TA to stabilize the core.

Any insufficiencies in these muscles can cause pain, incontinence and altered movement. A study by Poświata in 2014, found that 45.54% of the 112 elite female endurance athletes (runners and cross-country skiers) polled, suffered from incontinence after becoming moms. It is so common ladies! You are not alone!

Incorporate the moves found in the Ab Rehab packet and the Core Principles workout (this is the 9 min Core workout in your Running Supplement Workout library).

Equipment Needs

One light set of weights and one medium - heavy set of weights.

36" Foam Roller - we do some serious core work and stretching - you will love it!) The foam roller I use in the video is from Amazon.

A sturdy chair or barre.

Optional Exercise Band.


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